3 Reasons Why You Need Climate Controlled Self-Storage

Published on 7/15/2021

When considering storage, it is critical to weigh the options. Will the standard storage facility be sufficient to protect your belongings? The greatest concerns in storage are keeping your items dry, secure and free from rodents. Here are three reasons why climate control is so important.

climate control storage prevents mold

1. To keep things dry

It can be terribly frustrating to discover your items have gotten moldy. A temperature swing can crack antique pieces. Climate Controlled self-storage will do the best job in protecting your belongings and keeping them safe until you need them. This is because of the dehumidifiers that are in place.

Storage units are often built on a concrete slab. While these structures often stay cool in the summer and above freezing in the winter months, they can be damp. This is from the high humidity and sweating concrete.

When you invest in a climate-controlled storage space, you will not only have moderate temps but also a quality system to pull the humidity from the air. Airport Mini Storage maintains an inside temperature of 50 degrees year-round and a humidity level of 55%. Owners monitor the temp and humidity levels several times each week. At Airport Mini Storage you can rest easy knowing your precious belongings are being kept safe from mold and temperature swings.

2. For Pest Control

At Airport Mini Storage our regular pest control maintenance program protects your belongings against bugs and rodents. This is also why you shouldn’t store any food in your storage unit.


3. Ensure your belongings are safe and secure

Each storage unit roll up door is locked by a disk lock that you provide. In addition, the unit is sealed on each side with quality materials. The tops of the 7' units are covered with chicken wire. Each renter is provided a unique entry code to access their building. All buildings are monitored inside and out by eight security cameras. The storage facility is also well-lit by motion activated LED bulbs.


While climate-controlled storage may cost a little more each month, you can rest easy knowing your special belongings will be kept dry and free from mold, protected from rodents and will be safe and secure.

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